Success Stories

I applied to Prospect International Limited at AIT Career Fair on March 29, 2017. A month later, they invited me for an interview, then I was selected for the second interview and finally got the opportunity in the position of Business Development Officer (BDO). I am currently maintaining the organization's database, working on Space Management web system and pitching business plans to investors. This opportunity fits my qualifications and enhances my personal skills to achieve future career goals.
Lin Lai Lai Khine
Internship at Prospect International Limited
The AIT Career Center communicated this vacancy through email and was very supportive during the entire application process, which made it easier for me to apply. The workforce at Betagro is very friendly and helpful, and they keep AIT in high regards, as we are. With an international experience at AIT and help from Thai friends, I am finding it smooth to settle here at Betagro. I’d like to thank AIT Career Center for helping me grab this opportunity at this very reputed and longstanding organization – Betagro Group.
Raunak Chandra Thapa
Internship at Betagro
I am currently pursuing my Master’s degree in Information Management. During the 3 months long semester break, I wanted to do something productive. Since I had been eager to experience the work-life of Thailand, an internship seemed like the perfect option. The career fair organised by AIT Career Center gave me the opportunity to meet representatives from various companies. Just few weeks after the event, I was offered an internship at Think Blue Data, a software solutions company. I am thoroughly enjoying this experience and I am learning a lot. Many thanks to AIT Career Center.
Reshma Dangol
Internship at Think Blue Data
It was my first time when I heard about Micromatics Co. Ltd. and planned to attend the career talk organized by AIT Career Center. The company also attended the Career Fair on 29 March 2017 where we had a pleasant chat with the CEO of the company Dr. Viren Malhotra. Later on, I got a call for the second round of interview and at the end I was selected as a production engineer. The experience I got from AIT helped me to adapt the working environment of another multicultural organization easily.
Mishkat Ullah
Production Engineer