I'm a Student

The Career Center website aims to be a comprehensive resource pool for students to explore, discover and utilize.

We are committed to help you from the day of enrollment to your graduation and further. We are dedicated to assist you in identifying and developing your career golas.

Students are encouraged to avail of our services.

Career Counseling

If you need personal counseling about career placements or internships and assistantships or seek assistance in reviewing your CV, you may schedule an appointment with us.

Give us a call at 02524-6326 or write to careercenter@ait.ac.th to book an appointment with us.


Our workshops focus on helping students prepare themselves for the job market or for higher studies. Effective CV writing, interview tips, personality development, communication skills are some examples of the topics covered.

Career Talk

Our Career Talks provide a unique opportunity for you to learn about companies and job opportunities presented by the industry professionals themselves.

Usually organized on Wedesday afternoons, these events give you a chance to network with recruiting managers and can help you in your job search. Announcements of these events are regularly sent out by the Career Center.

Career Center Video gallery

Career Talk by Accenture on 26 September 2012

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Seminar by OXFAM on 24 October 2012

Career Talk by Samart Corporation

JobsDB Talk on 17 October 2012 - Part1

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