About Career Center

The Career Center was officially launched in November 2006 and assists students and alumni in making informed decisions by providing the resources, programs and counseling that will lead them to different career options, internship opportunities, part-time (on and off-campus) jobs, exchange programs or ideas where to go best for further education.

Our Mission:

By linking students and alumni to employers, we empower our clients toward their chosen careers.

Our Vision:

To be the focal point where students and alumni gain valuable information when making career decisions.

Our Services

Our website provides you with information on career center events, further education, internships, assistantships and job postings.

What we can do for you?

Career Counseling


The Career Center provides counseling that will aid you in your decision-making process. The counselors can assist you prepare for your career by fine-tuning your CVs or help you prepare for your job interviews. Matching your academic preparation with career fields will be one of the ways where advisors can support - they will let you recognize your skills, values, interests, and personality and how these fit into your future goals.

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Job & Internship


AIT applicants inquire about placement even before they confirm their admission. Recognizing that placement is an important factor in the decision-making of any graduate student, the Career Center provide platforms where you can explore possibilities for employment even while you are studying.

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Studies & Exchanges Programs


The Career Center assists students who opt to further their education, whether for further degrees or professional training or exchange programs while still enrolled at AIT. It will allow you to explore exchange programs and graduate schools, lead you to online resources and provide you information on application requirements to such opportunities.

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Our Team