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Asia Enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded in 2014 by Carlo Gardella, aiming to become an operative holding for diversified businesses run in Thailand and in the neighbouring countries. The first step of our entrepreneurial project was set.

One of the first fields where Asia Enterprise Co., Ltd. Started to operate was the consulting industry, mainly providing feasibility studies and marketing advises as regards inbound and outbound investments. Indeed, the previous and consistent working experience of Carlo was acquired mainly in the APAC region for several large multinational companies. While working with overseas firms, Carlo has carried out all the corporate strategy and marketing activities and has created and boosted their sales networks.

Step by step, the consulting activity has become the core business of Asia Enterprise Co., Ltd.. Hence, it appeared urgent to clearly identify the market positioning of Asia Enterprise Co., Ltd. in the industry, also compared to its main national and international competitors.

As a consequence, on March, 9 2016 Carlo and Pietro decided to create a new brand, focusing on the business and legal advisory industry: AdvisingAsia. The creation of a new brand points out a second step of our entrepreneurial project and the will to build our future by advising in Asia.

The choice of the brand AdvisingAsia was related to the importance of stressing two basilar concepts: what we do and where we operate. In two words, we identify our advisory expertise, our focus on inbound and outbound investments in Asia, our aim to connect two different worlds and cultures.

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