FAQ for Students

Q 1. How do I register in Career Center for a new account?

In the home page, under the I'm a Student section, click on Create Profile link.

You will be redirected to Create new account page where you will be asked for your account information.

Enter your Username.

Enter your valid email address.

Enter your password.

Under the User Group, check the Student radio button.

After you submit, you will be be logged into the Career Center home page where you can view your login link.

You may check your email. You will receive an email from careercenter@ait.ac.th that contains your account details. You can use these details later to login into our system.

Click on the Logged In As ... link which will take you to your profile page.

Click on the Create your Student Profile link. A form will then be displayed where all your personal details can be entered.

Q 2. How do I login into my account in Career Center?

Click on the Login link available at the top right corner of the home page.

Q 3. Can I edit my personal information? How?

Yes, you can update your personal information after logging. 

Click on the Edit tab shown on your profile page. To edit your account information (email and/or password), click on the Account tab and enter new details.

To edit your profile information, click on the Student Profile tab and make necessary changes.


Q 4. How do I search for job vacancies posted in the website?

In the homepage, under the I'm a Student section, click on Find Jobs/Internship link.

You will be directed to a search page where you have the option to (i) search using keywords (ii) perform guided search using the tags provided.


Q 5. How can I apply for internships?

You may browse through the internship opportunities posted at http://www.careercenter.ait.ac.th/job_list and apply as directed.

You may also visit our office to meet and discuss your interest with our Internship Desk Counselor and also forward your CV to internshipdesk@ait.asia. It is advised to apply for internship at Thai companies months in advance.

Q 6. How can I apply for assistantships?

Students may apply for assistantships once they have completed their first semester. Depending on your GPA and your Advisor's approval, you may then apply for assistantship positions at various AIT units advertised through the Career Center. Students may also directly consult with their faculty members to explore opportunities for research and assistantships at the Departments.

Q 7. I need help with my CV. What should I do?

You may send your CV to careercenter@ait.asia and request for an appointment. We will schedule a meeting with you to discuss your CV review and how to improve it.