FAQ for Employers

Q 1. How do I register in Career Center for a new account?

In the home page, under the I'm an Employer section, click on Create Profile' link.

You will be redirected to  Create new account page where you will be asked account information.

    • Enter your Username.
    • Enter your valid email address.
    • Enter your password.
    • Under the User Group, check the Employer radio button.
    • After you submit, you will be be logged into the Career Center home page where you can view your login link.
    • You may check your email. You will receive an email from careercenter@ait.ac.th that contains your account details. You can use these details later to login into our system and upload postings.
    • Click on the Logged In As ... link which will take you to your profile page.
    • Click on the Create your Company Profile link. A form will then be displayed where all your company details can be entered. 
    • After creating your company profile, you will see a link to Add Internship and Add Jobs at the bottom of the profile. 
    • You may click on the respective links to make postings.

    Q 2. Can I edit my personal information? How?

    • Yes, you can edit your personal information after logging into your profile page.
    • Click on the Edit tab shown on your profile page and change the details you want to.

    Q 3. How to search for potential candidates?

    • On the home page, click on the Find Talent link.
    • You can perform either the keyword search or guided search using the interface provided.
    • The search will yield student profiles matching your given search criteria. You may then contact the student of interest.

    Q 4. How can I upload a vacancy on the Career Center website?

    Click on the Login link available at the top right part of the home page or click on the link http://www.careercenter.ait.ac.th/user. 
    Enter your username & password. 
    After successful login, you will be taken to your company profile page. At the bottom of your profile page, there are links to add job and internship. Click on the required link and post your vacancy.

    Q 5. How can I advertise my company in AIT Career Center?

    You may create your company profile and post jobs in the Career Center website. Apart from that, we can also arrange for a Corporate Day for FREE which can be scheduled according to your choice of date. A 'Corporate Day' is a one day event for a Company to come to AIT and give a presentation to our students, distribute application forms and also conduct interviews and on-the-spot hiring. This will give a chance to our students to know more about your company, get more chance to interact and it is also an opportunity for your company to know about our highly qualified and experienced graduate students and decide on the potential employees you can get from AIT.

    Also, we will be organizing Career Fair on 7 November 2012. If you are interested to attend, please let us know.

    Feel free to write to us at careercenter@ait.asia for more details.